The Newest Jim Weiss Recordings

We often receive calls from customers who want to know what Jim's latest releases are.

The first 2017 Jim Weiss Releases are listed below. Available Now!

*Heroes, Horses, and Harvest Moons: A Cornucopia of Best-Loved Poems, Volume I 

* Ten Thousand Stars: A Cornucopia of Best-Loved Poems, Volume II 

*I, Too, Sing America: Stories and Poems Honoring Black Lives and History, As told by Jim WeissI, Too, Sing America Poems copy

 The 2016 Jim Weiss Releases are listed below. All are available from our publisher, The Well-Trained Mind

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*Courage and a Clear Mind: True Adventures of the Ancient Greeks

*Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

*A 3-Part Jim Weiss Lecture Series on Electoral Apocalypses for 3 US Elections

Here in the US, we have endured a controversial, heated 2016 presidential election. Believe it or not, there have been previous American elections that have elicited even more controversy than what we are experiencing today. With this in mind, Jim has produced three lectures that your family will enjoy:                                                                                                                            

Episode ONE:     "Poison Pens and Pistols at Dawn: Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr/Election of 1800"    

Episode TWO: "House Divided: 1860 Election and the Coming of the Civil War"                                      

Episode THREE: “The whole world is watching!” demonstrators chanted in 1968, as police attacked them in front of television cameras. In the third and final episode of the Electoral Apocalypses audio series, Jim Weiss takes you through the whirlwind events of that turbulent year, whose effects still shape our politics today.


NEW! Companion Readers/Dramatizations of Jim Weiss Recordings

WE ARE SO EXCITED to present a brand new line offirst Companion Readers for the Jim Weiss collection of storytelling audio. Our publisher, The Well-Trained Mind Press has produced four beautifully color-illustrated Companion Readers that are now available for purchase. Each Reader is an exact transcript of Jim’s recording PLUS a Dramatization of the story that your children can act out. The Reader can be enjoyed on its own, or used along with the recorded performance to further build strong language skills.

LISTEN to the Jim Weiss story, READ along to improve fluency, vocabulary, and grammar, and then SPEAK great words and sentences out loud by practicing and performing the short, accessible dramatic version of Jim’s performance.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Spooky Classics for Children

American Tall Tales

King Arthur and His Knights

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