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Here's something fun for you!

My wife, Randy, and I enjoy visiting places that relate in some way to the stories I tell. Some of these places are where the stories actually happened or perhaps a place that inspired an author's fictional tale. Whether the stories are historically true or the product of someone's imagination, these settings are always fascinating.

Sometimes one doesn't have to travel far to find remnants of the past. Museums are among the best places to learn about the culture of past generations. In this album you will see some of my favorite museums. You will find huge structures built by humans thousands of years ago; statues, carvings and paintings showing how great artists envisioned famous people from the Bible, or from Greek mythology; and more than a few surprises, too. Almost any one of these photographs could serve as the starting point for you to search on-line or in books for more pictures and even more information. Who knows what you might find, or to what further stories your search might take you? Perhaps you'll even write one yourself!

We will continue to add more photos over time. I hope you enjoy them.
Signed Jim Weiss


Jim's Studio
Jim's Studio Door
Jim on the Irish coast

Monticello and Poplar ForestRed Hill, The Patrick Henry National Memorial Appomattox Court House • Mount Vernon • Colonial Williamsburg  • Montpelier

Canals in Venice
Rosie The Hedgehog in Germany
Jim in Jordan
Photos from New Zealand
Jim meets a "good luck duck" in New Zealand
Jim meets a "good luck duck" in New Zealand
Photos from Here and There
Cinnabon, the Hedgehog


Please click one of the photo album's pages to start exploring. Visit Jim's Studio to see where the Greathall recordings are made. Visit Ireland with Jim and Randy. Explore Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, in Virginia. Travel to Italy with Jim and Randy to learn about the Renaissance.


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How to Build a Castle (France, 2013)
Photos from Here & There



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