Jim Writes…

An Open Letter from Jim


“HOW DID YOU GET STARTED?” One of the questions I am most often asked is, “How did you get started as a storyteller?” The short answer is that I was lucky enough to have a father who told me stories. Long before we were old enough to read the original books for ourselves, my brother […] Read more

The Nature of a Hero


After reading a commentary in USA Today written by Joshua Woods on his interpretation of what makes a hero, I decided to write a Letter to the Editor with my response. As you know I have a lot of stories that profile heroes and heroines, and I am always interested and thinking about what makes […] Read more

Alex’s Invitation


A young fan, named Alex recently wrote to challenge me to a storytelling contest between me and his father! Here is my reply: Dear Alex, When I was a boy, my uncle used to visit us (in Chicago) from Los Angeles. He could not sing to save his life–he could not stay on tune–and he […] Read more