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The ability to tell the story of an organization or movement – the right story told the right way to reach the right audience – is at the heart of that organization’s success.   The world’s best known, most iconic companies, philanthropies and even governmental organizations have clear stories that embody the very essence and meaning of the organization’s purpose. The secret of a story’s power is the simultaneous impact on both mind and emotion.

For over a quarter of a century, master storyteller Jim Weiss has worked successfully with organizations and individuals to help focus their stories and move them toward their goals.  Whether presenting to organizational leaders, educators, or writing award-winning fundraising pieces for social service organizations, Jim Weiss’s expertise and versatility allow him to customize each project with the same skill that has earned his own story projects over one hundred national awards and brought him the world wide following as author, speaker, and storyteller

For information on custom consultations for your organization, or presentations before associations or organizations, please contact Jim Weiss LLC at: or, by phone at 800.477.6234 Toll Free. Jim’s Digital Performance Packet is Available by Clicking this Link: Jim’s Digital Performance Packet

star-y7 Jim Weiss offers stimulating, thought-provoking adult performances.

Suggested topics might include (countless other topics available):

  • The Universal Journey (Hero/Heroine Stories)
  • An Evening of Mystery and Intrigue
  • An Evening of Mythology


“My husband and I have attended many Jim Weiss family performances and we honestly didn’t think it could get any better UNTIL we saw him perform for adults!”

star-y7Jim Weiss in Live Performance

Literature comes alive with Jim Weiss. From fairytales to Shakespeare, from the ancient world of Greek mythology to the mystique of Sherlock Holmes, Jim’s performances will create entertainment magic at your event.perfrom4Jim’s stories appeal to children and adults, bonding families together with the love of literature and an understanding of what makes his timeless characters great. Jim showcases literature and history like no other. Jim Weiss performs live at schools, book/toy stores, museums, libraries, festivals, community events, and homeschool/ educational/ professional/trade conferences throughout the United States. Performances are specifically created for each audience.

We are now booking for the 2019-2020 season and beyond

“Just thought I would share with you what I found via email when I got home  from today’s event.

“Thank you for organizing this workshop. Both of my kids seemed wiped out when I picked them up, so I decided to hold off on getting feedback about the day. A few minutes after we got in the car, Mary said, “I loved that workshop!” And as soon as we got home, Andrew told me that it was exactly what he had hoped for. He (and I!) had very high hopes, and they were surpassed. As I write, they are listening to a Sherlock Holmes recording that we already owned.”

So thrilling to hear things like this as people were leaving this afternoon and to come home to an email like this, too! THANKS again, Jim!” -School Director


Daniel was so engaged by the storyteller, Jim Weiss. We spent almost an hour as he recounted at least 6 different stories about Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and Lorenzo D’Medici. Hats off to the Cultural Arts Chair!”                                — 3rd Grade Parent

I have never seen and heard such great response from teachers and students! The children were held in the palm of your hand. You made them laugh and learn at the same time! I dare say there will be a new herd of children looking up such great books as you described.
— School Librarian

  “Jim, If all I heard this weekend was your gift today, my expectations were exceeded.” -Conference Attendee

“Jim was fantastic! He worked so well with each age level at our school that our headmaster cleared her busy schedule to be able to sit with Jim and the students for the entire day. She, and many others are now new fans for life!”
— PTO Cultural Arts Chair 

“The listener’s enthralled…Weiss is compelling as he masterfully unwinds uplifting stories where good prevails and the clever find just solutions. Mr. Weiss provides an avenue for all of us to remember the sustaining value of great literature. He is a master, the best I’ve ever seen or heard.”
— School Principal

“Walking the school hall with Jim was like walking with a rock star. Three-year-olds clinging to Jim’s legs; sixth graders sticking out hands for high-fives; happy shouts of “Jim Weiss!” from kids who catch a glimpse of him; principal beaming.” — PTA Cultural Arts Chair    

star-y7 As a storyteller, Jim’s goals include:

  • encouraging the reading of fine literature
  • providing a rich oral language experience
  • bonding and building community through sharing stories
  • fostering confidence in oral communication
  • developing and improving auditory skills


star-y7 Learn more about All These Features in our FREE Performance Packet.

  • School Performances
  • Festival, Community, Library, Store, Conference and Homeschooling Performances and Keynote Addresses
  • Adult Storytelling Programs
  • Workshops & In-Service Programs
  • Two-Day Writing Workshops
  • Fundraising Opportunities Through Sale of Greathall Recordings-Contact The Well-Trained Mind at
Please phone 800.477.6234 or e-mail us for a complete Performance Packet. Be sure to include your name, organization, address, and phone number.


Jim’s performances offer a high quality entertainment experience, and give children a personal affiliation with classical literature and the characters that make the stories great. The classics that Jim tells are time-tested stories and fit into curriculum as well as into the lives of children today.

“Everyone is raving about how delightful the storytelling evening was. Jim Weiss is a warm, charming, brilliant man and I am so glad we all got to meet and hear him in person.” — Parent


Jim Weiss and Greathall Productions support the theory that student education in the arts provides children with a breadth and diversity that extends to their essential intellectual, artistic, emotional, and psychological development.

“My husband has a renewed interest in Sherlock Holmes, and he’s reading these stories to our children since your wonderful performance. The evening was memorable!”
— Parents

As a storyteller, Jim strives to provide children with a link betweenperform3 classical literature and their own personal life experiences. His connection to his audience is magnetic and interactive, proof positive that storytelling today rejuvenates one of the first and most personal forms of entertainment. Not only doesJim provide an excellent model of oral language, but he presents a stimulating array of timeless classics that have endured because they are so essential to human growth and development. Jim’s repertoire is flexible and creative. His range includes mythology, mysteries, fairy/folk tales, multi-cultural stories, perspectives on historical time frames such as the Renaissance, and much more. Jim is available for half day, full day or Artist-in-Residencies. He travels extensively across the United States and Canada.

“Thank you so much for organizing this event and blessing my family SO much! It felt like Mr. Weiss was speaking directly to me and my family.” — Parents

star-y7 Festival, Community, Library, Store, Conference, Homeschooling Performances, and Keynote Addresses

Jim Weiss is renowned in festival, community event, library, store, conference and homeschooling venues. Each performance program is customized to meet the organization’s specific programming requirements.

Jim inspires students to be great writers, readers and speakers

Jim inspires students to be great writers, readers and speakers



“Experience the power of oral language and the joy of learning through storytelling. Jim Weiss’ presentation was the most useful and inspiring ever”    -Cultural Arts Program Chair

Master Storyteller Jim Weiss is delighted to facilitate storytelling and story writing to students, educators, librarians, business persons, parents, and aspiring story tellers in any combination. In customized sessions, Jim spins classical yarns and shares a wealth of techniques. Jim presents workshops at schools, libraries, homeschool and educational conferences, and fulfills the following objectives:

  • Promotes storytelling as a model of rich oral language
  • Bonds and builds community through the shared and creative experience of telling stories
  • Builds confidence in oral and written communication
  • Teaches specific storytelling techniques like:
    • Organizing and shaping the story
    • Creates vivid characters through description and plot
    • Voice characterization
    • Relating to the audience
    • Mapping the plot
    • A recipe for a story
    • Developing individual telling style and much much more

“What a pleasure to meet Jim Weiss, our ‘other family member!’ We so appreciate the immense contribution you have given to us, in raising our children to be well-rounded, well-read, articulate and knowledgeable. It was the highlight of my conference day to personally chat with you.”         —Conference Planner

Dear Jim,

We had our end-of-the-year Team meeting last week, and one of the activities our teachers engaged in was reporting to the larger group things that took place over the course of the year that were helpful and had the most significant impact on students. We did a little whiteboarding and, while the photos are not great, I thought you’d love to know that your name made both lists!Thanks again for your visit to our school– you clearly made an impression on more than just me:)  -Development Director, Classical Academy



Students will learn to:

  • Choose a topic that is relevant to the assignment and audience
  • Organize and shape a story with emphasis on a beginning, middle and end
  • Create clear and vivid characters using rich description
  • Understand the meaning and purpose of revision
  • Write a story that can be orally presented in 1-6 minutes that encompasses the above criteria
  • Share and critique their stories with their peers

“My sons commented that they found Mr. Weiss to be a man of great integrity, an excellent and inspiring teacher/mentor. I came away thinking, ‘I’ll refer to this day for years to come.’ “ —Parent

Jim is available for half day, full day or as an Artist-In-Residence. He travels extensively throughout the US, Canada and International Destinations.

Please phone 800.477.6234 or email ( us for a complete Performance Packet OR please click on the Digital Packet below.

Jim Weiss Digital Performance Packet

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