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Jim Weiss: Educator

Jim Weiss and his wife Randy founded Greathall Productions in 1989 with the intent of introducing young children to rich spoken word with the content base of classical literature and history. The concept was that Jim would “tell” the stories instead of reading them wherein each character had a distinctive voice. The magic of Jim’s work was that the recordings would appeal to young children, older siblings and their parents and other adult family members.

Jim Weiss: Recording Artist

The project was a huge leap of faith as children’s audio at the time was just coming into fashion. Raised by parents who valued literature and history and with the additional influence of grandfathers who loved to tell stories to their grandsons, Jim grew up in the presence of literary and real-life characters in the tradition of oral language.

Jim Weiss: Author/Writer

Jim Weiss: Author/Writer

Jim graduated from The University of Wisconsin, Madison and entered the sales and marketing profession. At forty years old, he realized that he was unfulfilled and needed to make a career change. Jim and Randy decided to trust their intuition that a line of storytelling recordings “told”, not read would provide a wonderful way for children to appreciate classics and world history at an early age. The integrity of Jim’s telling with strong vocabulary and engaging scripts make all of his recordings appealing to young listeners, older siblings, parents and other adult family members.

Jim Weiss: Performer/Storyteller

Jim Weiss: Performer/Storyteller

To date, Jim is the producer and reader of 70+ Greathall storytelling recordings featuring classical literature and history; masterful and thoughtful, unabridged readings of Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, by Jean Lee Latham, Men of Iron, by Howard Pyle, and more. Jim is the recipient of 100+ national awards from numerous prestigious sources. Jim offers storytelling adult seminars to educators and work professionals, storytelling performances and workshops to schools, libraries, organizational and community venues throughout the United States, Canada and International Destinations.


Jim Weiss: Presenter/Lecturer

This year (2024), Jim and Randy Weiss are celebrating Jim Weiss, LLC’s (aka Greathall Productions) 33rd Anniversary year of business. The sales portion of Greathall has been licensed their recordings and business operations to Well-Trained Mind Press (aka Peace Hill Press) who have already taken Jim and the Jim Weiss catalog into new and exciting territory. The Well-Trained Mind Press is now the publisher for all Jim Weiss recordings.


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