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Magazine #81, April/May/June 2020

Jim: “How and Why I Choose the Stories that I Record”
Randy: “A New Move-A New Adventure”

Magazine #80, January/February 2020

Jim: “Sometimes This Happens”
Randy: “It’s Fettucini, Not a Kidney”

Magazine #79, November/December 2019

Jim: “Tea for Two for Three Musicians: Three Musical Geniuses Explore a ‘Simple’ Tune”
Randy: “Demanding Truth and Values While Living in Wacky Times”

Magazine #78, September/October 2019

Jim: “21 Points for You if You Know who Chester Arthur Is”
Randy: “A Precious Gift from My Four Grandparents”

Magazine #77, July/August 2019

Jim: “Jesse Owens-Resilience in Leaps and Bounds”
Randy: “Talking Birds”

Magazine #76, May/June 2019

Jim: “Seventy Recordings and Counting-Stories from the Studio”
Randy: “Unraveled”

Magazine #75, March/April 2019

Jim: “The Gift of Having Good Friends in Difficult Times'”
Randy: “Reading, Understanding and Teaching About the Holocaust”

Magazine #74, January/February 2019

Jim: “How Three Genuses Created What We Call ‘History'”
Randy: “Coming of Age with a Dose of Clarity”

Magazine #73, November/December 2018

Jim: “Why Poetry?”
Randy: “An On-the-Spot Lesson on Compassion”

Magazine #72 September/October 2018

Jim: “Writing a Great Story-7 Tips”
Randy: “A Secret Delight: Room Service”

Magazine #71, July/August 2018

Jim: “Perseverance: Still in Fashion”

Randy: “The Heart Finds its Morning and is Refreshed”

Magazine #70, May/June 2018

Jim: “Two Legends and A Gift of A Song”
Randy: “My Mind’s Web–Weaving, Pondering and Meandering” 

Magazine #69, March/April 2018

Jim: “The Kindness of Strangers”
Randy: “The Home Library: A Source of Peace, Calm and Security”

Magazine #68, January/February 2018

Jim: “There is No Such Thing as Great Writing-Only Great Re-Writing”
Randy: “A Word and A Wish for A New Year”

 Magazine #67, November/December 2017

Jim: “Waiting for the Rider: A Story of the Pony Express”
Randy: “Joy to the World”

eMagazine #66, September/October 2017
Jim: “About Poets and Poetry”
Randy: “Whoever Told You Life was Fair?”

eMagazine #65, July/August 2017
Jim: “The Long Run: A Story About Wilma Rudolph”
Randy: “Our Vernacular: Saying What We Really Mean”

eMagazine #64, May/June 2017
Jim: “An Inspiring Life”
Randy: “A New Garden; A New Perspective on Faith” 

eMagazine #63, March/April 2017
Jim: “1492”
Randy: ” ‘First Women’ & ‘Hidden Figures’-An Unlikely, but Suitable Comparison” 

eMagazine #62, January/February 2017
Jim: “Mr. Kipling’s Bedtime Story”
Randy: “The Widest Path”

eMagazine #61, November/December 2016
Jim: “You are History”
Randy: “The Inner Gate Keeper”

eMagazine #60, September/October 2016
Jim: “Going Home”
Randy: “Home is Where My Heart Is”

eMagazine #59, July/August 2016
Jim: “Democracy”
Randy: “Mantra”

eMagazine #58, May/June 2016
Jim: “Tchaikovsky Comes to New York”
Randy: “Children and the Culture in Which They Live”

eMagazine #57, March/AprilThe 2016
Jim: “We Ran Away and Joined the Circus”
Randy: “The Luxury of Creative Time Especially as it Applies to Cooking”

eMagazine #56, January/February 2016
Jim: “Family Stories to Live On”
Randy: “The Hallmark of Hallmark Movies”

eMagazine #55, November/December 2015
Jim: “All About Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens”
Randy: “Repositioning Oneself”

eMagazine #54, September/October 2015
Randy & Jim: “The Journey Continues”
Susan Wise-Bauer: “Jim Weiss at Peace Hill”

eMagazine #53, July/August 2015
Jim: “Thoughts After Reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations”
Randy: “The Glorious Word, ‘Yes'”

eMagazine #52, May/June 2015
Jim: “Science Through Story”
Randy: “Possibilities”

eMagazine #51, March/April 2015
Jim: “The Hook-A Writing Activity”
Randy: “Say What You Feel and Say it Now”

eMagazine #50, January/February 2015
Jim: “Carving Mount Rushmore-A Story for Presidents Day”
Randy: “Honoring the Sensitive Child and How She/He Learns”

eMagazine #49, November/December 2014
Jim: “Sequoyah’s Talking Leaves”
Randy: “Staying on the Trail”

eMagazine #48, October 2014
Jim: “A Columbus Day Story”
Randy: “Focus on the Helpers”

eMagazine #47, September 2014
Jim: “A Story From A Garden”
Randy: “Seeing Beyond the Commercial”

eMagazine #46, July/August 2014
Jim: “Saving Your Voice and Your Sanity”
Randy: “Dreams That Come True”

eMagazine #45, May/June, 2014
Jim: “The Beat Goes On With Living History”
Randy: “To The Lost World”

eMagazine #44, April, 2014
Jim: “My Interview with a Singaporean Educator”
Randy: “On Leaving One’s Comfort Zone”

eMagazine #43, February, 2014
Jim: “Old Friends”
Randy:”When Polishing Silver is a Delight”

eMagazine #42, January, 2014
Jim: “Jim Weiss is in the Studio”
Randy:”An Unexpected Odyssey for a Reluctant Traveler.”

eMagazine #41, December, 2013
Jim: “Hercules and Theseus”
Randy:”A December Bride and Groom”

eMagazine #40, November, 2013
Jim: “Serve Savory Stories for the Holidays”
Randy:”Being An Honored Guest in My Own Home”

eMagazine #39, October, 2013
Jim: The Newest CD Additions to the Greathall Family
Randy:”One Step At A Time”

eMagazine #38, September, 2013
Jim: “A Man Who Taught Presidents”
Randy:”The ‘R’ Word”

eMagazine #37, August, 2013
Jim: “Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind”
Randy: “Fact Versus Fiction”

eMagazine #36, July, 2013
Jim: “Images of July”
Randy: “Where the Leprachauns Live”

eMagazine #35, June, 2013
Jim: Celebration of Fathers
Randy: From Alaska to Dubai

eMagazine #34, April, 2013
Jim: “Explaining the Inexplicable”
Randy: “The Prince and the Pauper”

eMagazine #33, March, 2013
Jim: “We are All in the Story”
Randy: “A dose of Winter Tonic”

eMagazine #32, February, 2013
Jim: “King Arthur and the Twelfth Battle”
Randy: “Valentine’s Day ANY Day with Chicken Soup (A Family Recipe for You)”

eMagazine #31, January, 2013
Jim: “A Lesson from Bonny Jeane”
Randy: “On Tolerance and Intention”

eMagazine #30, December, 2012
Jim: “Aesop and I”
Randy: “To Dubai and Back”

eMagazine #29, November, 2012
Jim: Charles Dickens and ‘A Christmas Carol’
Randy:”To Catch a Falling Star”

eMagazine #28, October, 2012
Jim: The Barbarian and the Princess
Randy: Embracing Exceptionalities

eMagazine #27, September, 2012
Jim: The Great Forest
Randy: The Retreat

eMagazine #26, August, 2012
Jim: The Father of the Bride
Randy: Refelections from The Mother of the Bride

eMagazine #25, July, 2012
Jim: My June, My July
Randy: My Father was Uncle Wiggily

eMagazine #24 June, 2012
Jim: A Story is a Bridge
Randy: Keeping Good Company

eMagazine #23 May, 2012
Jim: A Mother’s Day Memoir
Randy: The Invitations

eMagazine #22 April, 2012
Jim: Two Favorite Tales and One Rule of Storytelling
Randy: The Shell Man

eMagazine #21 March, 2012
Jim: The Dog, Cullin
Randy: Secret Aspirations

eMagazine #20 February, 2012
Jim: George Washington’s Spectacles
Randy: Human Nature at its Best from Behind the Candid Camera

eMagazine #19 January, 2012
Jim: Grandfather Stories
Randy: The Fourth Chair

eMagazine #18 December, 2011
Jim: A Time of Miracles
Randy: It’s Never Too Good To Be True

eMagazine #17 November, 2011
Jim: Thanksgiving and the Hero’s Journey
Randy: Women in Blue, Gray or Any Other Color

eMagazine #16 October, 2011
Jim: The Bright Light in the Golden Age
Randy: Examing Abundance

eMagazine #15 September, 2011
Jim: Memories of Scotland (includes recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding)
Randy: Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

eMagazine #14 August, 2011
Jim: He Too, Sang America
Randy: House Guests

eMagazine #13 July, 2011
Jim: The Absolute True Story of July and August
Randy: The Joy of Asking For What You Want

eMagazine #12 June, 2011
Jim: A June Memory
Randy: Large, Strong Hands

eMagazine #11 May, 2011
Jim: Who Won the West? A Frontier Tale for Mother’s Day
Randy: Mother’s Day Cards

eMagazine #10 April, 2011
Jim: Persephone: A Greek Myth About Spring
Randy: Time Traveling in the Present

eMagazine #9 March, 2011
Jim: The Finest Horse in China
Randy: Toys

eMagazine #8 February, 2011
Jim: Happy Birthday, Buffalo Bill
Randy: Matters of the Heart

eMagazine #7 January, 2011
Jim: January Reflections
Randy: Learning from Tricksters in Fiction and in Real Life

eMagazine #6 December, 2010
Jim: A Humorous Holiday Story
Randy: Finding the Light

eMagazine #5 November, 2010
Jim: Daniel Boone in Kentucky
Randy: On Abundance

eMagazine #4 October, 2010
Jim: The First Annual Greathall Haiku Contest
Randy: The Grinch of Fall

eMagazine #3 September, 2010
Jim: Mr. Kipling and Mr. Twain
Randy: From Hammock to Project

eMagazine #2 August, 2010
Jim: Tom and Huck-Summer Forever
Randy: Sacred Space

eMagazine #1 July, 2010
Jim: A Story Within A Story: The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes
Randy: Home School Conference Season