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Back in 1989, Jim Weiss recorded 5 cassettes. In those days computers were huge and not readily available. About 10 years later we embraced CDs and about 10 years after that, in came MP3’s! In April, 2020 we learned about “Zoom.” And hence came the amazing term of “Webinar.”
In this segment of our website, we offer you high quality and engaging Jim Weiss Webinars that span from art to music-to literature and history-to how to tell stories and much more. Welcome to
“Greathall Productions Presents: Fantastic and Free Jim Weiss Webinars, Videos and Podcasts.”
Jim Weiss recordings and webinars reflect our trademarked motto: “Intelligent Entertainment for the Thinking Family.”


Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker welcome Jim Weiss on this episode! For the past thirty-five years, Jim Weiss has been telling stories professionally around the world. This master storyteller grew up hearing his father retell great stories. In “Summer Writing” (Podcast 373), one of the suggested activities is story writing. In this podcast Jim Weiss explains the unbreakable rules of storytelling and offers helpful story writing tips.

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Jim Weiss & Carol Reynolds Open the Door to Imagination: Storytelling, Music, History & Culture


Dear Jim, I have enjoyed all 4 classes.
Now watching you & Carol for four nights, I am totally in love with you. All people should be as knowledgeable and kind. The world would be a happier place. You make me smile and think about creativity. You show such love of life! It is contagious. You and your wife Randy have created such a valuable tool through your company. I know I am blessed to have crossed paths with you and maybe one day I can meet you & Randy when this pandemic is over. You, kind sir, are on my “bucket list”. Some day we will meet in person. I really just need to thank you and wish I had known of your work when my children and grand children were young. I assure you my great grand babies will know you. Thank you.-K.B

“Going West in the USA: Fulton’s Steamboat & The Railroad Men“
Featuring “Fulton’s Steamboat” and “The Railroad Men.” The story of America’s move West includes the Gold Rush, the inventions that moved people and supplies across a continent, and the music that traveled with them heavily based in folk styles and portable instruments.

Jim’s stories from this session can be found on “Gone West”- available on CD or MP3 formats from the Well-Trained Mind, Amazon, I-Tunes, or your favorite vendor.

“Greek Myths: Thrilling Adventures that Shaped Our World“
Thrilling Adventures that Shaped Our World. Featuring “Hercules and the Nemean Lion” and “King Midas and the Golden Touch.” Also the musical instruments of the Greeks and how they recited and accompanied their literary odes.

Jim’s stories from this session can be found on “Greek Myths”- available on CD or MP3 formats from the Well-Trained Mind, Amazon, I-Tunes, or your favorite vendor.

“Fairytale Favorites in Story and Song”
Featuring “The Sleeping Beauty” (aka: Briar Rose) and “The Shoemaker & the Elves.” What makes a fairy tale compelling and ripe for being transformed into a musical masterpiece full of magic and color?

Jim’s stories from this session can be found on “Fairytale Favorites in Story and Song” (The Shoemaker & the Elves) and “Best Loved Stories in Song and Dance” available on CD or MP3 formats from the Well-Trained Mind, Amazon, I-Tunes, or your favorite vendor.

“American Music: From Tin Pan Alley to Oz”
Featuring “George and Ira Gershwin: What Is American Music?” and “E.Y. ‘Yip’ Harburg: Painting Rainbows.” These composers followed a tradition of American songwriting centered on Tin Pan Alley and driven in significant ways by a wave of immigrants.

Jim’s stories from this session can be found on “I Said I Could and I Did”- available on CD or MP3 formats from the Well-Trained Mind, Amazon, I-Tunes, or your favorite vendor.

JIM WEISS has been a professional storyteller, recording artist and author since 1989 when he and his wife, Randy established their company, Greathall Productions (now Jim Weiss, LLC). In the past 31 years, Jim has recorded over 70 storytelling recordings featuring classical literature and history and numerous audio books including Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World Volumes 1-4, and Carry on Mr. Bowditch. To date, Jim has received more than 100 National Awards for his family-oriented recordings.
Jim’s “live” storytelling performances have been described as “exciting” and “enchanting”. His connection to his audience is magnetic and interactive, proof positive that storytelling today rejuvenates one of the first and most personal forms of entertainment. Adults and children alike leave the performance feeling that they have really met the characters from a wide range of classic literature, folk tales and history. Jim’s presentations garner respect for the art of storytelling, and for both the art and the wisdom we pass on through the great stories of classic literature and history. As Jim summarizes, “Our storytelling recordings work precisely because we value the original sources, and have tried to convey our love of the stories, and the wisdom they contain, to a new generation of listeners and readers. Storytelling today rejuvenates one of the first and most personal forms of entertainment. Telling stories is pure joy.”
In 2016, Jim’s dream continued down a new and exciting path as he and Randy licensed their recordings and business operations to Susan Wise Bauer of Well-Trained Mind Press (aka Peace Hill Press)

Jim Weiss’ Trademark Motto Speaks for his Life-time Work:
“Intelligent Entertainment for the Thinking Family”

“As a musician myself, I think constantly in musical terms when I write, and perform, spoken word. Rhythms, pauses, sustained or abrupt syllables, pacing, changes in volume and other “musical” elements are there, and like Carol Reynolds, I find parallels in the work of painters, dancers and other artists. I love Carol’s ability to shine new light on familiar works of art and culture, and introduce new works that often become beloved favorites. A conversation with Carol is fun and enlightening, and I am excited to share thoughts with her and with our audience.

PROFESSOR CAROL REYNOLDS is a uniquely talented and much sought-after public speaker for arts venues and general audiences. She combines her insights on music history, arts, and culture with her passion for arts education to create programs and curricula, inspire concert audiences, and lead arts tours. Never dull or superficial, Carol brings to her audiences a unique mix of humor, substance, and skilled piano performance to make the arts more accessible and meaningful to all.
Carol has led arts tours to Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, San Francisco, and Broadway on behalf of several arts organizations and has recently teamed with Smithsonian Journeys for cruises to the Holy Land, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic Sea, Indian Ocean, and across the Atlantic. Her enthusiasm and boundless energy give tour participants an unforgettable experience.
For more than 20 years, Carol was Associate Professor of Music History at the Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.
She now makes her home in North Carolina and maintains a second residence in Weimar, Germany — the home of Goethe, Schiller, Bach, and Liszt, and the focal point of much of Europe’s artistic heritage.
Please visit Carol’s website at for in-depth information about Carol and the complete line of Professor Carol’s fabulous products .

“The nuances, dynamics, color, and choreography of telling a story are little different from those same qualities expressed in the performance of music. I’m very excited to embark upon a closer connection with Weiss’s creative work, integrating his recordings more directly into our course material.”


Through entertaining examples from Aesop’s Fables, the Wizard of Oz, Sherlock Holmes, Cinderella and Greek Mythology, Jim Weiss offers simple techniques for creating distinctive voices for each character in a story or book; and then explains the structure that almost all stories follow, allowing listeners to easily create or re-tell stories. This video encompasses most of Jim’s famous teaching session on the nuts-and-bolts of how to write, tell, or read aloud stories.


Using thrilling, true stories of pirate and explorer Sir Francis Drake, U.S. President Harry Truman and artistic genius Michelangelo, Jim Weiss gives hands-on advice on how to light a passion for history through stories. Learn how to find and use history sources; how to shape historical facts into engaging stories; how to tie together history and literature; and how to use history stories to teach all across the curriculum.


Storyteller/author/recording artist Jim Weiss, recipient of over one hundred major awards, tells his own, inspiring story and explores the ways in which stories are the most powerful tool for learning and for drawing together families or entire societies. This fascinating video will inspire a whole new appreciation for reading aloud or telling stories; includes useful, practical tips; and reveals the vital role that stories play in our lives.


In this video, master storyteller Jim Weiss brings to life both the humor and the deep emotion of Abraham Lincoln, and then will have you laughing out loud with Jim’s rollicking version of Aesop’s “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Both as pure entertainment, and as a superb example of the power of stories to touch us and teach us, this must-see video will become a favorite you’ll want to watch over and over again.