A 3-Part Jim Weiss Lecture Series on Electoral Apocalypses for 3 Historical US Elections

Here in the US we have endured a controversial, heated 2016 presidential election. Believe it or not there have been previous American elections that elicited even more controversy than what we are experiencing today. With this in mind, Jim has produced three lectures that your family will enjoy. 

Each Episode is available on MP3 Download (not available on CD) for $3.99.

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In the midst of bitterly contested elections, some claim that America has “never been more divided,” and that the sky is about to fall. In the spirit of classical education, Well-Trained Mind Press offers you a historically informed perspective.

This three-part audio series sheds light on the stormy present by exploring the turbulent past. Through the surprising tales of three past elections, master storyteller Jim Weiss explores the flexibility of America’s democratic system, and the resilience of its people.

These memorable episodes make ideal listening for voters (and voters-to-be), lovers of history, and all concerned citizens.




ELECTORAL APOCALYPSES: POISON PENS AND PISTOLS AT DAWN: JEFFERSON, HAMILTON, BURR AND THE ELECTION OF 1800.                          A brand-new nation faces its greatest crisis yet: as the beloved George Washington leaves the White House, rival factions try to set the course for America’s future. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr get down and dirty, in an election that features one shocking moment after another. Will the American Revolution devour itself? Or will the young republic find a way through?

Suggested Age: 12 to Adult

Running Time: 41 minutes


electoralapocalypsesepisode2_3000rgbEPISODE 2                        ELECTORAL APOCALYPSES: A HOUSE DIVIDED: THE ELECTION OF 1860 AND THE COMING OF THE CIVIL WAR

Tumultuous political conventions, delegates who refuse to support official nominees, terrorist attacks, and confrontations in the streets as a nation searches its soul. It may sound all too contemporary, but this was the election of 1860. Jim Weiss guides listeners through this crucial period in a fast-paced audio episode as he puts you right into the action as the United States, its political parties, and its ordinary citizens wrestle with the issue of slavery, using words, ballots, and finally bullets to settle their differences. Even listeners who think they know all about this era may find some surprises in Jim’s new recording.

Suggested Age: 12 to adult

Running time: 49 minutes

$3.99                                                                   EPISODE 3electoralapocalypsesepisode3_highresolutioncover


The Election of 1968: peaceful demonstrations and cities on fire from riots; noble words cut short as assassins’ bullets strike down Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy; the Viet Nam war overseas causing angry dissent and generational conflict back home; a stunning realignment of a century of U.S. politics; a political convention exploding into police brutality and rioting in Chicago, as millions of viewers watch it “live” on their television screens; and some of the most brilliant, but self-conflicted, leaders in U.S. history wrestling with personal ambition and cultural chaos. This is the story of the election that, more than any other, set today’s political conditions in the U.S.A.

Suggested Age: 12 to Adult

Running Time: @ 45 minutes


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