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Read Unabridged by Jim Weiss:
Henty Short Stories, Volume I, by G.A. Henty (1800’s Frontier Ohio and Late 1800’s England)
Thoughtfully Abridged * and Read by Jim Weiss:
G.A. Henty Multiple CD Sets: The Cat of Bubastes (1250 BC, Egypt); The Young Carthaginian (220 BC, Rome/Carthage); Beric the Briton (62 AD Ancient Britain/Rome)For the Temple (70 AD, Jerusalem); Wulf the Saxon (1066, England); In Freedom’s Cause (1296-1314, Scotland/England); The Lion of St Mark (1300’s/Venice, Italy); The Lion of the North (1618-1648/The Thirty Years War, Europe); In the Reign of Terror (1793/French Revolution)

The term, “thoughtfully abridged” means that Jim has removed vast amounts of repetition from various sections throughout the Henty books. The words and storyline have not been altered and remain completely intact. These minor edits have made the Henty books engaging to listeners who otherwise may never have sampled these great works of historical fiction.

“Jim Weiss IS GA Henty“-Teenage Henty Fan

And as far as my son is concerned, you ARE the voice of GA Henty“-Parent of Henty Fan