Courage and a Clear Mind: True Adventures of the Ancient Greeks

Courage and a Clear Mind: True Adventures of the Ancient Greeks

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  • 2017 Practical Homeschooling Reader First Place Literature Category Award
  • 2018 Mary Pride First Place Award in the Literature Category

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In these vivid, true stories, Jim Weiss takes you back 25 centuries to Golden Age Greece. You’ll charge into land & sea battles to defend the world’s first democracy against a vast, tyrannical empire; attend the original Olympics; hear history’s most famous storyteller, Homer, spin his classic adventure, “The Trojan Horse;” laugh and learn with Socrates, the wisest (and funniest) man in Greece; and meet artists and authors, as well as typical families, in the rival cities of Athens and Sparta.

Jim Weiss’s “Courage and a Clear Mind” is sure to inspire your own exploration of the potential that lies within us all.
1. The Greeks Were Different
2. Homer
3. The Trojan Horse
4. In the Shadow of Mount Olympus
5. All for Sparta
6. Athens and the Courage to Think
7. Marathon!
8. Thermopylae and Salamis
9. The Golden Age
10. The End of Something

Running Time: 68 minutes.

ISBN: 978-1-933339-99-3
Timeline: 1000 BC
Location: Greece
Values: Assertiveness, Caring / Compassion, Confidence, Cooperation and Teamwork, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Determination, Excellence, Friendship, Generosity, Honesty, Honor, Idealism, Justice, Loyalty and Faithfulness, Patience and Perseverance, Purposefulness, Reliability, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Service, Steadfastness, Tolerance, Trust, Truthfulness, Unity, and Work