Jewish Holiday Stories

Jewish Holiday Stories

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Well-Trained Mind Press

  • 2015 Mary Pride First Place Literature Genre
  • 2018 Mary Pride First Place Award in the Literature Category
  • Film Advisory Board Award

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The three astonishing stories on this recording form the basis for three Jewish Holidays: Chanukah, Purim, and Passover. With Jim Weiss telling the stories, you can be certain that the heroes and villains will spring to life with understandable motives People of all faiths will love this fascinating recording…perfect for family entertainment!

  • Chanukah, The Festival of Lights
  • Purim
  • Passover

“If your child has any questions about the Jewish holidays, she is bound to find the answer on this recording…well-researched…a great reference for Sunday school teachers and parents…” — Chicago Parent

“Take narratives full of suspense and mystery, add a teller with a delightful and versatile voice and you have the makings of one fantastic CD…an ideal way to introduce non-Jewish listeners to the history behind the festivities.” —Family Fun Magazine

ISBN: 978-1-942968-76-4
Timeline: 2000 BC through 300 BC
Location: Middle East
Values: Faith, Honor, Idealism, and Purposefulness