The Prince & The Pauper

The Prince & The Pauper

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  • 2015 Mary Pride First Place Literature Genre
  • 2018 Mary Pride First Place Award in the Literature Category
  • Film Advisory Board Award

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The genius of Mark Twain abounds in this remarkable adventure of two young boys who exchange identities and learn the nature of true nobility.

“This amazing recording paints a vivid portrait of an entire time, place, and way of life.” —Librarian

“Mark Twain would appreciate the dexterity with which Weiss tells this classic…this is well nigh perfect. A delightful listen that will captivate children and their adult friends.” —AudioFile

ISBN: 978-1-942968-98-6
Timeline: 1500s
Location: England
Values: Honesty, Honor, and Loyalty and Faithfulness