3000 BC

The Dragon Diaries


Thrill to dragon stories from around the world and throughout the centuries, spun by Master Storyteller Jim Weiss. From misty Scottish lochs to the sea-caves of Japan, and from the steppes of Russia to the Gold Coast of Africa, these seven stories span more than five thousand years of human fascination with dragons. Jim Weiss adapts folk tales and myths of helpful dragons, ferocious dragons, greedy dragons, and clever dragons–and the men and women who encounter them. You’ll be amazed as you range from one of the oldest surviving written tales in human literature, reflecting the never ending allure of dragons, to Jim’s own spellbinding tale, set in Scotland and compounded from archetypal tales from multiple lands. Your family will love this exhilarating ride on the wings of dragons!

Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt

Pharaohs and Queens CD Cover

In this brand-new audiobook, Jim Weiss takes you from palace plots to treasure chambers, from the inner rooms of a mysterious temple to the middle of a thundering chariot charge.

Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths


“Storyteller Jim Weiss brings a master’s touch to this collection… Weiss’ telling is captivating…the well-modulated voice of the storyteller whose pacing and expression are masterful.” —School Library Journal