From the Colosseum of ancient Rome to the Imperial Palace of China, from mysterious islands in the sea to blizzard-whipped mountains, young listeners will explore far-off lands, meet magical creatures and unexpected human heroes, and be drawn into stories they’ll want to hear again and again.  

Beloved storyteller Jim Weiss weaves an enchanting spell with four classic tales of magic, bravery, and kindness.

The Emperor and the Nightingale (adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s original)
The Little Girl and the Winter Whirlwinds (a story from Bulgaria)
Androcles and the Lion (a story from ancient Rome)
The Little White Cat (a fairy tale from Ireland)   

Running Time: Approximate 74 minutes
Ages 5 and up
Available on Digital Audio & CD Formats

ISBN: 978-1-04481-48-3
Timeline: 1st Century AD
Location: Bulgaria, China, Ireland, and Rome
Values: Assertiveness, Caring / Compassion, Confidence, Cooperation and Teamwork, Courage, Determination, Friendship, Helpfulness, Honor, Humility, Justice, Loyalty and Faithfulness, Patience and Perseverance, Purposefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Service, Steadfastness, and Trust