Was Napoleon Bonaparte a Son of the French Revolution and a champion of civil rights or a power-hungry despot — or both?  How, and why did Napoleon cause earthshaking military, social and political changes?

Now, in thrilling stories and riveting portraits of historical figures, Jim Weiss makes sense of the tumultuous Age of Napoleon and the vast revolutions that remade France, South America and Europe. 

You’ll witness the drama of the French Revolution and its leaders, Robespierre, Danton, Marat and Lafayette; cheer as democratic champions Simon Bolivar, Jose de San Martin and Toussaint Louverture fight to free the Americas from colonialism and bigotry; listen wide-eyed as Madame Germaine de Stael dares to unleash her powerful pen and personality to oppose dictatorship; and, above all, come to know the towering, multi-faceted genius whose meteoric rise, reign and fall would give a name to an entire era: the Age of Napoleon.

This may be one of Jim’s greatest history recordings!

1. Opening Credits
2. Revolution!
3. To the Bastille!
4. Five Revolutionaries
5. Who Was Napoleon?
6. The Two Napoleons
7. Fall and Downfall
8. Revolution Returns to the Americas
9. A Woman of France: Madame De Stael
10. Closing Credits

Running Time: Approximately 70 Minutes
Available on MP3 and CD Formats

ISBN: 978-1-944481-42-1-4
Timeline: 1789-1822
Location: Egypt, France, Haiti, Italy, Russia, South America, and Switzerland
Values: Assertiveness, Confidence, Courage, Determination, Excellence, Honor, Idealism, Justice, Loyalty and Faithfulness, Steadfastness, and Tolerance